If you are new to Calvary Church or maybe you have even been here for a while and are wondering "where do I start?" The Growth Track is the place for you. Whether you want to know more about the church or you want to get involved, The Growth Track is the start line at Calvary Church.


From your initial decision to find out more about the vision of Calvary Church, to a fulfilling role on our team, we will provide you with a track to experience growth and fulfillment.

MEMBERS 101 connecting with others

Become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of Calvary Church.  Come to connect with others and have the opportunity to become a church member.

DISCOVER 201 the gifts that God has given you

Discover and understand how your personal and spiritual makeup reveals a path to your purpose. We believe God created you with a specific plan for your life.

DEVELOP 301 those gifts to their full potential

Develop the essential tools and beliefs to help you produce a more meaningful relationship with Christ.

DEPLOY 401 those gifts for the benefit of people

Find out more about the growth and fulfillment that comes from being a part of the team.