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Fire Conference 2018 is designed to expose the reckless love of Jesus to a rising generation through the outreach of a main event. This event goes above and beyond in our design to make Fire Conference the best experience possible for our students while keeping costs low so that no one is left out.  Ignite Youth is excited to announce that the theme for Fire Conference this year is the decade of the 80’s! We are expecting this to be our best year ever and You are invited.


Register for Fire Conference

This event is being held at Calvary Church, 178 Pickens Bridge Rd JC on August 8th – 10th.  Registration is only $10 per student.  



The Fire Conference Rewind party is where you can arrive with your friends early to hangout, play our 80’s retro video games, purchase some snacks, and get your picture taken with your bestie or squad.  All of it is set up so you can start the best night ever off right! Doors open at 6:00PM.




More than anything we are praying that these three nights of Fire Conference will impact the heart of all the students that attend.  Our heart is to expose Jesus to everyone who walks through the doors. We will do this through powerful worship, the truth of God’s unchanging Word, and opportunities for students to respond to the Gospel’s calling on each of their lives.  Services start at 7:00PM



Robbie Hilton  | Lead Pastor of Calvary Church

August 08, 7:00PM 


Jabin Chavez  |  Lead Pastor at City Light Church

August 10 7:00PM

Nathan Livingston  | Student Pastor of Calvary Church

August 09, 7:00PM


Our Nerf Arena is the stuff of legends!  30 students will be separated into two colored themed teams to battle it out for Nerf supremacy.  Enter our training room to get your hands on one of our Nerf Rival Artemis shooters and then get to work against the enemy team.  This event is offered to all who register for Fire Conference free of charge on Thursday and Friday nights. Wear your big boy pants, you’re gonna need them!  


Questions? Contact us and we will follow up with you shortly.

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  • Do you have to attend all 3 nights to register?  

    • Definitely not!  Whether it’s just one night or two nights we want YOU to be there!
  • What if I can’t come all 3 nights?
    • Still join us!  We encourage you to come because we are expecting each night to be AMAZING and we understand that things come up.

  • Can I pay at the door?

    • You can.  However, we are strongly encouraging attendees to register online.

  • Are group rates available?

    • Unfortunately, group rates are not available.  We strive to keep costs as low as possible for individuals, families, and groups so that no one is left out.  Our $10 rate per student rate reflects this and we are unable to give further discounts.

  • How do I get in?

    • Once you register and pay, you will receive your FIRECON wristband which is your key to getting in the door.  Flash it to the “bouncers” at the door and they will let you in!

  • What if I lose my wristband?

    • Our registration team will keep a record of all attendees, just let them know your name so they can find you in our records and you will receive your replacement.

  • Will there be food available?

    • Yes, food will be available for purchase.  We want to keep costs low so all food and drink items will be $3 or less.  

  • Are there any expenses after the registration fee?

    • Yes.  Food will be available for purchase as well as FIRECON t-shirts, hoodies, photo booth polaroid’s, and more!

  • How do I get in the Nerf Arena?

    • There will be a sign up at the pre-service party where you can get your name down for the most epic Nerf battle ever!

  • What time does it end?

    • Wednesday night will end at 9p.m. while Thursday and Friday nights end at 10p.m.  If you, your group, or your student(s) needs to leave before then, don’t sweat it, just have your wristband on you for the next awesome night at Fire Conference.

  • Can I sponsor for students to go?

    • Absolutely!  We would love it if you would partner with us to see teenage lives impacted.  Just ….

  • Do I have to attend Calvary Church to come?

    • Certainly not!  This event is for students ages 11-18 from anywhere and anyplace.

  • Can college students attend?

    • Yes, you may on the understanding that this is a youth ministry event.  Any behavior from college students that may be inappropriate could lead to you being asked to leave FIRECON.  Students ages 19-24 will be asked to register and pay.

  • Can parents attend?

    • We invite all parents to attend the service at 7PM.  The pre-service party and Nerf arena are designated for the kids.