02 Calvary Crew Conversation




Acts 3:1 – 10 “but what I have I give to you, In the Name of Jesus rise up and walk... Peter reached out and helped him up... strength came to him and began walking and dancing and praising God... and all were amazed”

•Many are overlooked and marginalized and some because of men- tal health. The story in this passage speaks to this idea and gives us insight as to our intended response being one of compassion, involvement and raising awareness.

•The man is today’s story was placed by the gate of the Temple, in plain sight for all to see... yet somehow remained invisible.

Question 1 – Have you ever felt overlooked or invisible?

•There is so much power in raising awareness to things that once were overlooked, seemingly invisible, like mental health.
•Notice Peter said, vs4 “And fixing his eyes on him, with John, Peter said, “Look at us” and the man gave his attention...” - when Peter and John saw the man in need they were able to give him what they had, namely an encounter with Jesus, which made him well from the inside out.

Question 2 – What are some of the needs in the community that we should begin to start focusing on?

Call to Action – It’s not enough to introduce others to Jesus without also offering a helping hand... as Peter shows us in vs7 “And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately he received strength” - Our community doesn’t want another “hand out”... what they want is a “hand up.”

Question – What can you do that will serve your community to “Join the Voices of Recovery”?

Erica Hilton