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The Mission of our school is to impart the anointing and ministry of reconciliation through the vital knowledge of the Word of God, impacting men and women throughout the world with the power of The Holy Spirit.  We are called to be ‘Dream Fulfillers,’ for those who have dreamed of getting a bible college education.  We are called to “Train Laborers for the Last Days’ Harvest.”

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“Training Laborer’s For the Last Days Harvest”

We are a Full Gospel Christian College offering undergraduate and graduate programs in ministerial academics. We are committed to helping you reach your educational and ministerial goals in an affordable and convenient manner. Whether you are beginning or continuing your education, CBCS offers what you need in a Biblically founded Christian atmosphere.


We’re raising up a generation of ministers, young and old, with a powerful anointing to bring revival to this generation


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+ What is the Application Process?

Applicants expecting to enter a degree credit program at Covenant Bible College & Seminary must have either earned a diploma from an accredited high school, passed the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test or have a college transcript from an accredited college. Audit Students of Covenant Bible College & Seminary do not need to provide a high school diploma nor college transcript.

Students transferring credits from other institutions of higher learning must provide official, sealed transcripts sent directly from the institution to the local CBCS Satellite Teaching Campus.

Students may be granted credit for work done on an equivalent level and for a similar amount of time in subjects that fit in the student’s program of study at Covenant Bible College & Seminary. Transferable grades must be “C” or above. Transferable grades will be included in the student’s overall grade point average (GPA) at CBCS. Please note that Vocational and Technical College credits will not be accepted.

Formal transfer credit evaluation is done by the Registrar’s Office through the Main Campus after all official transcripts have been forwarded from the Satellite Teaching Campus. Official transcripts should be received by the Main Campus Registrar’s office within 60 days of the student’s application to CBCS in order for the transfer credit to be included in that academic year. Please note: Credits from other schools of higher learning transferring to CBCS will be limited to a TOTAL of sixty (60) credits.

To receive a degree from CBCS, students must have taken or transferred credits covering Year One subjects and have completed a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours at CBCS.

Ministry Life Experience credit recognizes academic study for a minimum of five years of experience in ministry that has been sanctioned by the church.

A student may submit a resume detailing his/her ministryce and , upon approval and receipt of a one time, non refundable fee of $250.00, will be awarded up to thirty credit hours.

All of CBCS courses are available via correspondence. If a student is opting to take courses through this process, the student application should indicate CORRESPONDENCE. The Correspondence Student is required to follow the same academic guidelines as in-class students.

Anyone may audit a class/classes. There are two requirements. An audit form must be filled out and a non-refundable audit fee must be paid prior to beginning the course. A person auditing a class is not required to pay a registration fee, take any test, do any homework or audibly participate in the class discussions. No attendance records or grades are kept. Auditing a class cannot apply to receiving any credits.

The following steps must be completed before an application will be processed by the registrar:

  1. Completely fill out the (3) page Student Application.
  2. Include the $35.00 non-refundable Application Fee. You can pay directly from the application form or make check payable to Calvary Church with “CBCS” in the memo line.
  3. Submit either proof of High School Graduation or Official Transcripts from institutions of higher learning.
    a) Proof of High School Graduation includes a photo copy of any one of the following:
    • High School Diploma
    • GED Certificate
    • Other proof of equivalent education

b) Transcript Request Forms are enclosed to send to your college or university. You are responsible to send the request to them. They will send the transcripts directly to us.

c) NOTE: If you have prior college/university experience we will need no proof of High School Graduation.

NOTE: Thirty (30) credit hours can be awarded for minister’s who have been in active ministry at least (5) years. Please submit proof of ministry, i.e. Bio or Resume along with a payment of $250.00.

  1. Return the Application and Fee(s) to:
    Covenant Bible College & Seminary
    Satellite Campus at Calvary Church
    178 Pickens Bridge Rd., Johnson City, TN 37615

+ What are the Tuition fees?

Audit Student $75 each course
Undergraduate Program $1,350 (payable in nine installments of $150)
Master’s Degree $2,035 (payable in eleven installments of $185)
Doctor of Ministry Degree $1,600 (payable in ten installments of $160)

Doctor of Philosophy Degree
Coursework Phase $925 (payable in five installments of $185)
Dissertation Phase $1,600 (payable in ten installments of $160)
$15 book fee and a yearly $60 graduate program fee
Spouses can attend for half price and there are discounts for full time ministers.

+ What Academics Do you offer

Degree Credit Programs are available when the criteria established by the Academic Council for Edu-cational Accountability (ACEA) and Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) are met and any qualified degree college or seminary accepts a student’s aca-demic achievements. Covenant Bible College and Seminary offers a diploma of theology program to students who have completed one full year of CBCS Courses. General Diploma in Biblical Studies (nine months of coursework as well as ministry practicum.)

The Associate program is designed to provide an introduction in the fields of Biblical studies and theology. The program is foundational and provides insight for both laity and those who wish to become involved in active ministry.

Associate Level
Associate in Biblical Studies and Theology

Advanced Level
The Advanced program is a 3rd year degree.
Advanced Degree in Biblical Studies and Theology

Bachelor Level
The Bachelor program is designed to provide enrichment in the areas of biblical truths and effective ministry. At least 60 credits above the Associates level is required. A student may obtain one of the following degrees at the Bachelor Level:
Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies - BS.BS
Bachelor of Science in Theology - BS.Th
Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counseling - BS.BC

Graduate Level
At least 56 credits above the Bachelor Level is required. A student may obtain a degree in one of the following:
Master of Science in Biblical Studies - M.BS
Master of Science in Theology - M.Th
Master of Science in Biblical Counseling - M.BC

Post Graduate Level
CBCS offers two levels of post-graduate degrees:
Doctor of Ministry in Theology - D.Min.Th
requires 156 total credits plus a 150-page Dissertation

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology - Ph.D.
requires 171 total credits plus a 150-page Dissertation

+ IS CBCS an accredited school?

An accrediting organization is a “watchman on the wall”. Webster defines accreditation as to give trust or confidence to; to vouch for; to recommend; to furnish with credentials, as an envoy or ambassador. Every accreditation group is not the same. They are different and focused in different areas of accreditation.

Covenant Bible College & Seminary (CBCS) is a member of the Academic Council for Educational Accountability (ACEA). ACEA is a global network of like-minded Christian men and women called to the field of education that provides credibility through accountability. ACEA was founded in 1998 in Colorado Springs, Colorado by C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute. Covenant Bible College & Seminary is accredited with Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) in Riverside, California.

TACI is a professional, federally recognized, non-profit church educational organization that exists to assure the quality and assist in the improvement of the institutions they accredit by establishing an organizational witness to their credibility of performance and integrity. Quality education is the goal at all times. Its purpose is the preparation of quality education in private schools, colleges, and theological seminaries. It is a non-governmental body and makes no claim to be connected with the government.

A degree covers the major taken with that degree. A student or potential student must understand that credits taken in one type of program may or may not transfer to another type program. This is the sole determination of the receiving institution’s main campus.

The job market is highly competitive. Training is specialized in most fields. A graduate in one field may have difficulty in being hired in a field they are not certified for.

Please contact us for questions, orientation dates and course schedules.

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