We believe

SPARK is more than childcare

It’s our opportunity to invest in the hearts and lives of children. We’re focused on joining with parents, helping kids understand God’s amazing love and the larger-than-life plan He has for them. Your children will enjoy a safe, relevant, inspiring program that’s tailored just for them, while you enjoy the main service. We offer interactive and dynamic classes. Our staff and volunteers are professional and energetic, and they love spending time with kids. We’re committed to making your child’s time at Calvary the highlight of their week. In addition to our weekend experiences, Calvary has events throughout the year, including Vacation Bible School, A Fall Festival, and much more.

Our goals

  • Teaching our children that worship is fun and exciting.
  • Bible teaching which our children can live by daily.
  • Empowerment of children to speak the Word of God with power and authority.
  • Drama:  acting out life situations which helps in the application of the lessons being taught.
  • Games which directly correlate with the lessons being taught.
  • Outreach:  taking the lessons learned inside and applying outside
  • Relationships:  teaching our children how to better relate to God, Jesus Christ, Christians and the lost.
  • Victory through salvation:  teaching our children to walk in the victory of their salvation all the days of their lives.

Spark is available at all Sunday morning services for children ages 7-10 years old